Hello, my name is

Fawaz Tahir

i'm a designer and developer



  • I've built something for which I auditioned on the TV show Backyard Inventors.
  • I've built an app that was showed off on big tech sites like TUAW and LaptopMag. The app was once #1 on the Mac App Store.
  • I've built apps in my spare time that have had 200K+ downloads (a third paid!)
  • I've built a mobile social network.

Every place I've ever worked at (including the convenience store manager, back in high school) has given me an excellent or an outstanding evaluation. I'm an ambitious individual. For instance, I'm working on sending a balloon into the troposphere and holding it there. The setup uses Arduino (C language), lots of sensors (temperature, accelerometer, pressure, etc.), and satellite communication. I also work on a lot of other, cool side-projects.

I play intensive sports like soccer and badminton (indoor and outdoor).
I enjoy swimming and a long, countryside drive once in a while.
Gaming and interior design are my inseparable passions.



Annoyingly curious


iOS Developer Core Team

  • Used patterns to redesign library architecture in the Wattpad app, shipping to 30M+
  • Involved in regression testing, raising OCMock unit test code coverage from 13→25%
  • Wrote two-way sync, data cache, and offline operation managers
  • Introduced storage error-handling for file system I/O and FMDatabase repositories

Fall 2013

Spark Growth

Web Developer Toronto Team

  • Created Facebook tabs, contests for clients like Todd and Duncan, Miz Mooz
  • Added mobile support to Spark Growth's site using Edge Inspect, GhostLab
  • Developed company's Basecamp-integrated dashboard, pricing calculator using jQuery, NodeJS, MongoDB

Winter 2013


Web Developer Business and Analytics Division

  • Automated server schema build for Many Eyes through Ant scripting
  • Wrote modular XHR components, Dojo widgets, HTML visualizations using RAVE
  • Developed commenting system, data-smoothing algorithms, dataset filters

Spring 2012


iOS Developer Core Team

  • Implemented push notifications, HTML reader and writer; prototyped new interfaces
  • Introduced literal syntax, subscripting, ARC, and string localization to codebase
  • Designed abstract object model classes, Core Data database, app state container

Sep 2011
to present

University of Waterloo

Candidate Bachelors in Software Engineering, Honours

  • President's Scholarship of Distinction
  • Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Scholarship
  • Expected graduation: April 2016



  • Clippy (Mac)
  • Crazy Boat (iOS)
  • Taxi Gone Wild (iOS)
  • Earth Orbiter
  • Flip! (iOS)
  • Ice Cream Factory (iOS)
  • Magnetic Belt
  • Squeak (iOS)
  • Webcam Piano (Mac)
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